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We are Tiny Home Builders Florida | The Number One Choice

Our top priority is being a company that stands on honesty and dedication to our customers. Everything begins with clear communication and understanding.

Tiny Home Builders Florida is a top-rated company located in Orlando, Florida 32810. We provide safe and wonderful homes for our customers. Based on our expertise in construction, interior design, and engineering, we can promise that your new home will be of the best quality and long lasting to give a safe and comfy living experience. Our tiny houses are built with the best eco-friendly products combined with old-fashioned craftsmanship that Tiny Home Builders Florida has been known for many years. You can count on us to get the job done fast.

With over 30 years of experience in property construction, we discovered there was something much more purposeful in designing tiny homes. So, we merged ourselves in the tiny home trend and even with all its glory, we discovered there was something missing. Downsizing to produce a more basic and free life is what really matters yet at what moment do you stop compromising your living benchmarks?

Tiny Home Builders Workshop

We decided to connect the dots to ensure that downsizing doesn’t have to indicate downgrading. Now, we understood there was something special, so we took it a step further. Why couldn’t we create a way for someone to downsize and upgrade simultaneously?

So, striving to take an innovative and reasonably brand-new tiny home system and make it extraordinary in all facades, propelled us on to come up with a way people can take ownership of the easy yet complex thought that “less can be much more”. At Tiny Home Builders Florida, we have strategized to do just that.

Our Values

Genuinely Serving to Help Others

Our purpose is to assist others on their adventure to live tiny and big at the same time. That implies offering many of our resources free of charge. We also speak with our customers to understand specifically what their goals are. This enables us to help them attain them and to steer them free from things they don’t need to have, even it if means we lose business, you matter to us.

Exceptional Service

We support our materials and our customer service mirrors that. We’re here to resolve any type of problems that you may have or answer all questions that may arise. We always find a way to ensure you will certainly have the absolute best experience possible.

USA High Quality

Every one of our glamorous tiny homes are made across the United States, in top-rated manufacturing plants with over 50 years of combined experience. We take pleasure in the quality of the products we generate.


Wondering how much it cost to build a tiny home? We make financing quick and easy. With the best tiny Home Builders in Florida, you receive the convenience and ease of knowing your tiny home is RVIA certified. This category not only helps insurance groups and zoning regulations, but it helps banks identify your tiny home, in efforts of refining your loan. Numerous lending institutions and regional banks are comfortable financing our company, due to this classification. Rates vary, but these loans usually last you around 15 years, and can be reduced to $350/monthly.
We offer financing options, by collaborating with various loan providers to ensure we get you in the tiny home of your dreams. Rates vary, based upon credit history and financial background.
We’re confident you won’t find a higher quality home or trailer at a lower cost. We do not invoice inflated prices so that we can discount them afterward, neither do we tack on extra unseen fees. We are so certain in our pricing that it’s provided on our website for you to see without needing to speak to a receptionist.

Giving Back

As a local tiny Home Builder Florida is devoted to giving back to our local communities throughout the state of Florida. We donate 7% of our profits and at the very least, 5% of our time to local charitable organizations and events.