Affordable Prefab Homes

A prefab home is an affordable way of owning a brand-new house without a long time construction timeline. In this article, we have covered each thing you want to know about prefab homes.

Prefab Homes

Prefabricated homes are commonly named “Prefab Homes”. These are also known as “Modular Homes.”

What are prefab homes?

Prefab homes are generally more sustainable and cheaper than other types of homes.

Prefab Homes aren’t new in the market. These homes are becoming a major character in American Housing Market. People are living in these types of homes for many years. Prefab home is a cheaper and affordable alternative technique to build up a totally new home without a long-time construction process.   

The workers in a factory make the parts of these homes. They bring the ready parts  to the location by shipping them into sections. They assemble these parts on-site. Prefabs are available in a variety of eye-catching and bold designs. You can own a new home more quickly with these types of homes. You can get rid of the longest way of hiring an architect and then dealing with him. You don’t need to wait for months to get your house finished.

Only what you have to do is select a house design, sign up a contract and then wait for some time to get your house done.

What are prefab homes made of?

In the construction of prefab homes, builders use  concrete, steel, wood walls, plastic, porcelain tiles, and ceiling tiles. They also use other insulation materials for building prefabs.

Are prefabs cheaper?

Yes, prefabs are cheaper than stick-built homes. First thing is that you don’t have to wait for a long time for your new house. Builders can complete it in 2-3 months or less depending on the complexity. Secondly, they are less expensive in cost than other kinds of homes.

Advantages of Prefab Homes

As you all  know, a factory prepares prefab homes. There is a list of benefits of developing a house in the factory. When you build a prefabricated home in a factory, it is more affordable for many people because of its advantages.   Here are some of the advantages below:

1. Budget Saving

Prefab homes are usually considered less expensive. You don’t have to waste a lot of money on labor.  When you prepare a house in factory , it is a controlled environment in comparison to building a house at the job site. Because of this advantage, you can also save your material from getting lost or damaged. Also, a factory prepares prefabricated homes in a shorter period of time, and the amount of money paid by the owner is substantially reduced. This lowers the rate of construction cost.

2. Faster Construction

Prefab homes get ready more quickly as compared to stick-built homes. The construction of a prefab home doesn’t take a long time to complete. As compared to a site-built house, you can own a prefabricated house in 40% less time. So, it is better to choose prefab homes because it saves you a lot of time.

Along these all benefits, nothing can stop it’s construction. Weather restrictions can never stop it’s construction. Also nobody can steel the materials that builders are using in it’s construction.

3. Guarantee of fixed price

When you construct a house with the prefabricated method, it gives you a lot of benefits regarding price. By signing the contract, you will have a proper and fixed-guarantee for all of the services.

4. Quality Control

Factory workers build prefabricated homes in a controlled environment. Professionals and skillful workers design prefab homes. They are specialists and are fully skilled in their work as they build many homes daily. This construction process is also inspected by agencies which results in better quality.

5. Less Waste

One of the most vital efficiencies in the construction of prefabs is that no matter how much the amount of material is used in a project, every time it results in less waste. The leftover material is again used by the factory in further projects.

6. Healthier Material

While building a prefab  in the factory, the material used in its construction is always saved from bad weather like rain, snow, and environmental hazards like toxins, rust, mildew, and mold.

What is the main advantage of prefabs?

The major advantage of prefab is that you don’t have to wait for many months to get your house ready. It takes less time compared to other traditional construction. 

  • These were the advantages of prefab homes now let’s discuss the types of prefab homes.

“Types of Prefabs”

At this time, there are about 26 types of prefab homes that are easily available. The demand for prefabs in the housing market is increasing day by day.

There are various types of prefab homes, and all of them are well known for their advantages, here they are:

1.  Modular Homes: These homes come in different shapes and sizes. They are available in many styles. Designers use “Steel framing” use in these homes instead of wood walls.

Cost: The price range of modular homes varies between $180,000 – $360,000 depending on their size and structure.

2. Kit Homes: Kit homes are also called pre-cut or ready-cut homes. Kit houses are permanent structures. Workers deliver them to your location. You can assemble the materials at your location according to your plan.

Cost:  They are available at quite affordable prices. Cost ranges from $50 to $110 per square foot.

3. Panelized Homes: Designers design the parts of prefab homes in a factory. These materials include walls, roofs, and floor systems. Dealers transfer these materials to the construction site and then place them on location.

Cost: The price of panelized prefabricated homes ranges from $350 to $400 per square foot depending on the size and structure also.

4. Tiny Prefabs: Tiny prefabs are mostly used in urban areas. They are available in many shapes and sizes. Architects make these homes offsite and then bring them to the actual location. These include bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and some storage space.

Cost: $30,000 – $60,000 is the starting price of tiny prefabs depending on their size and structure.

5. Timber Frame Homes: These include large timbers which hold frames. It gives support to the whole house structure. To build a timber frame house, it is important to have experience with expert carpentry skills.

Cost: The price range varies between $200 – $250 per square foot. It may include 2 bedrooms and  a bathroom.

No6. Box Frame homes: A designer designs Box prefabricated homes by sticking many boxes side by side. These get a height of 8 -10 feet. These are temporary structures.

Cost: The cost of box prefab homes is around $180 – $300 per square foot depending on the size.

7. Steel Frame Prefabs: While building steel frame prefabs, constructors use metal beams to support the whole structure. Its construction includes columns, cantilevers, beams, posts, and girders.

Cost: The price of steel frame prefabs ranges between $8 – $12 per square foot depending upon the size.

8. A-frame Prefabs Homes: A-frame prefabs is perhaps the best choice if you want to own a prefab with sufficient attic space. Attics are important to keep good insulation in the house. These come in various beautiful designs. These homes are available in many styles. These styles include a farmhouse, craftsman, and ranch styles. These are super easy to assemble.

Cost: The price range of A-frame ranges between $100,000 – $200,000.

9. Fiberglass Prefab: In these prefabricated homes, builders use fiberglass rather than wood or concrete walls. There are many benefits of these homes. It doesn’t burn or crack. It includes less maintenance.

Cost: The price range of these prefabs starts at $100,000.

10. Shed Roof Prefab: These prefabs include metal frames. Builders shade these metal frames with plywood panels. Shed roof prefabs give the best safety from insects, animals, wind, bad weather, rain, and storm.

Cost: The price range of shed roof prefabs starts from $100 – $200 per square foot depending on the style, design ,and size of the house.

Which size of a home is considered a tiny home?

Tiny homes are usually under 400 square feet. Although it depends on the size and style of the house.

How to find the best prefab home?

Guide: Once when you have decided to buy a prefab house, you must have proper planning in your mind and on paper. This is not a thing to hurry up.

In order to find the perfect prefab according to your choice, our guide will help you choose the best location for your dream house.

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